Tuition for each ten (10) week course will be $3700.00
Application fee  $50.00

Tuition will include equipment and materials.  Students will be required to supply their own
notebooks, pens, and pencils.  Students will be required to purchase a set of surgical scrubs
to be worn at all class sessions: these can be purchased for about $20.00 at local
department stores or through catalogs.  Students will also need to wear safety glasses.

Students should be aware that they must receive a Hepatitis B vaccine for their own safety
and protection while working with bodily fluids. Most students will have had this vaccine with
their childhood vaccine requirements. This will not affect a student from enrolling in the
schools’ program but students will find that this vaccine is a requirement for employment at all
dental offices to allow clinical treatment of patients.  Most dental offices may pay for this
vaccination for the assistant.  This vaccine should be obtained prior to the first school session
and proof of the vaccination must be provided before a student can be allowed to do any
clinical procedures.  


(1/2 of tuition will be excepted 30 days before class starts and then payments of $370.00 per
week for the first five weeks).

MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED (3% Additional fee applies)

The field of Dental
Assisting is expected to
grow by 43% in the next
eight years.  Enroll now
for our next class so that
you can be a part of one
of the fastest growing
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